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This Fall Foliage Map Shows When And Where It Will Be At Its Peak In Quebec

Never miss a photo opportunity again!
This Fall Foliage Map Shows When And Where It Will Be At Its Peak In Quebec

One of the most popular pass times of the season is taking a roadtrip across the province to find the most incredible fall foliage.

As soon as the trees' leaves turn yellow, we all start picking up pumpkin spice lattes and hitting the road to get the best photos imagineable of the most trendy season of the year.

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But what a lot of people don't know is that there are different species of trees in almost every Quebec park you go to, so although you may have visited one spot last week that still sported ultra green leaves, another park a few hours away may already be at its peak with an abundance of trees wearing red and orange leaves!

Of course, there's no way you'd be able to know exactly when certain foliage was at its fall prime... unless you had a special fall foliage map.

Luckily, you do now. You're welcome.

Via Québec Original

This interactive map of Quebec pinpoints every area of the province that boasts incredible foliage and announces what stage the greenery is at until it reaches peak fall colours.

The map is updated once a week until winter, so although as of now most of Quebec's foliage is either in the "Beginning Soon" or "Early" category, it's expected that in the next week or two we should be seeing some "Mid-Point" and "Near Peak" colours.

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You can finally take all the guess work out of getting those perfect fall foliage Instagram photos and focus on the magnificent drive there instead! With all of the potential spots you can go to this season there will always be a new lush locale at its ultimate colour peak.

Happy fall foliage hunting, Quebec!


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