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This "Feel-Good Dramedy" Is The Most Criminally Underrated Original Series On Netflix Canada

You have to watch this if you love Grace & Frankie!
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This "Feel-Good Dramedy" Is The Most Criminally Underrated Original Series On Netflix Canada

It's finally the weekend! With weather like this, most people will likely spend the next few days wrapped in blankets on their couch, looking for something to binge-watch.

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TL;DR Netflix original The Kominsky Method is adored by audiences even if it has received mixed reviews from critics. It's a feel-good show perfect for a chilly weekend.

Lucky for you, I have the perfect suggestion:The Kominsky Method, one of the newest shows on Netflix Canada. 

Starring Michael Douglas and Alan Arkin, the show follows longtime friends Sandy and Norman as they navigate growing older in Los Angeles, a city that rewards youth and abandons the elderly.

The Kominsky Method is both hilarious and brutally honest. It will have you belly laughing one minute and shedding tears the next.

Sandy, an actor whose career appears to be quickly approaching its end, and Norman, his agent, lean on each other and share their struggles with everything from peeing to isolation.

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Fans of the popular Netflix seriesGrace & Frankie will no doubt love this show.

While it received mized reviews from critics, audiences have reacted with near unanimous acclaim. The show has a 93% viewer score on Rotten Tomatoes.

"Rarely does a tv show capture so well the beauty and nature of friendship and love and life-long commitment. I am three episodes in as I write this. In all three episodes I have laughed out loud and been reduced to tears in almost equal measure," wrote one commentor. 

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"This is the role Michael Douglas was made for. Truly Marvellous!" commented another fan.

Add The Kominsky Method to your Netflic playlist!

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