This Food Truck Now Serves "Dessert Tacos" And You Gotta Go ASAP!!! (10 Photos)

I don't know about you guys but tacos are seriously one of my favourite foods. There's nothing better than a really authentic, flavourful taco that just makes everything right. 

We all know that tacos are usually filled with ingredients like all kinds of meat, tomatoes, cheese, lettuce, and a whole lot more. But there's a new, unique taco that's coming to town and it's called a "Dessert Taco". They're made with a waffle cone rolled into a taco shape, stuffed with all different flavours of creamy ice cream, and topped with insane toppings like gummy worms, hot cheetos, marshmallows, lucky charms, Oreo crumbs, and the list literally goes on and on. 

You can find these insane dessert tacos at Taco Sweets in Austin, Texas and they're totally worth a trip down south! Although these delicious treats aren't available in Montreal yet, we're hoping they'll be arriving soon! 


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