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This Free Shuttle Bus In Montreal Will Take You To A National Park With The Best Fall Foliage In The Province

You don't need a car to go on the best road trips of the season!
This Free Shuttle Bus In Montreal Will Take You To A National Park With The Best Fall Foliage In The Province

UPDATE: All bus seats are now booked!

It's no secret that the best fall foliage is found outside of the city core. It can take you a few hours of driving before you actually reach the gold mine of the season and score some amazing photos of the red and orange forests covering rural Quebec.

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TL;DR Every Saturday until October 13 you can take a free shuttle bus to Yamaska National Park absolutely free. The only fee is 8.60$ for entry into the park.

But for some of us, driving isn't an option. Seriously, if you live in downtown Montreal you're better off with an STM or BIXI pass.

Unfortunately, for the times of year where it's super beneficial to be able to hit the road and escape the city, we are typically left out of all the excitement.

But what if I told you there was a way to still go on an incredible road trip to find some of the best fall foliage in the province, without even needing a car?

What if I told you that you could take this mode of transportation for free?

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Well, let's just say you may want to start planning your trip to Yamaska National Park, as a shuttle bus will be travelling there from Montreal throughout the season absolutely free of charge.

Yes, it's true. All you have to cover is the 8.60$ entrance fee into the park. After that you have the entire day to appreciate and explore the unbelievable fall foliage in one of Quebec's most popular parks.

Seriously, the fall colours in this park are unbelievable! Take a look for yourself:

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There are two different options when choosing your day trip. One shuttle bus departs from Square Dorchester in Montreal at 8:00AM and returns at 3:00PM. The second bus leaves Montreal at 11:00AM and returns for 6:00PM. 

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The excursion is onlyan hour outside of Montreal, giving you plently of time to enjoy the hiking trails and scenic views the park has to offer under the autumn landscape.

The bus will be making this extraordinary trip every Saturday until October 13, so there's still some time left to plan the trip of the season.

To book your free trip to Yamaska National Park, click HERE.

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