This Futuristic "Water Spa" Just Outside Of Montreal Is The Ultimate Day Excursion You Need To Go On ASAP

We've said it before and it's finally becoming pretty obvious, summer is basically over. The weather is starting to get cooler and everytime you walk into a store you're bombarded with "back to school" propaganda. Soon enough winter will be under way and you'll be doing the best you can to get through the ice age-like weather we always seem to have. Sounds pretty stressful, right? 

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Luckily, there's an amazing way to combat all of this stress and anxiety and you won't even believe it's real. When you think about going to a spa you probably just imagine a regular sauna and maybe getting a massage. But what if you had the ability to "travel" to the future in this incredible water spa? Well, you totally can.

Nordik Spa-Nature offers all of the relaxtion you need and more. From Nordic baths, Japanese stone bed baths, a full Russian spa and so much more. You'll seriously find yourself going here everytime you need to escape society and de-stress.

Just look at their pool! How could you not feel totally relaxed when you're floating around in this unreal atmosphere?

Via Nordik Spa-Nature/ Chelsea

Not only are their services as the spa amazing, but the location is absolutely stunning! The outside seriously looks like you're in a secret oasis on the Swiss Alps. 

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Nordik Spa-Nature is located in Chelsea, Quebec, which is only a two hour drive from Montreal. It's definitely worth the drive to be able to transport to this futuristic spot.

If Nordik Spa-Nature sounds like your next getaway, you could find out more information and book your stay HERE.

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