This Giant Indoor "Tropical Water Park" In Quebec Is The Ultimate Winter Escape

The best way to beat the winter blues is by travelling to a tropical paradise!
This Giant Indoor "Tropical Water Park" In Quebec Is The Ultimate Winter Escape

Quebec's weather is pretty crazy and it looks like most of us will be stuck in the province dealing with it, right?

Well, what if there was a tropical getaway you could embark on without having to drive more than a few hours? Believe it or not, there actually is.

TL;DR Bora Parc, located 3 hours away from Montreal, is one of North America's largest waterparks, offering a unique "tropical" experience. Some of the activities include a surfing simulation, 15 waterslides, a wave pool, and more. More details below.

One of the biggest water parks in North America just happens to be located in Valcartier, Quebec which is less than 3 hours from Montreal! You'll seriously forget about any cold whether when you're relaxing in the "tropical" paradise that Bora Parc is.

There are a ton of activities in this mini-getaway suitable for everyone. Not really into lounging around in a hot tub all day? Then head over to the unbelievable wave pool or even try out one of their 15 giant waterslides.

There's also an "adventure river" and surfing simulator, so there's really nothing to lose by making your winter experience in Quebec just a little bit better this year.

One thing is for sure, after your stay at this indoor tropical paradise you'll totally forget that it's freezing cold and the dead of winter outside, making this experience even more worthwhile.

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To sweeten the deal even more, Bora Parc is offering limited time deals on their evening passes to the water park. It just keeps sounding better!

For more information and to book your tickets for Bora Parc's tropical waterpark, click HERE.

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