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This Girl’s Incredible Body Transformation Will Inspire You

This is what 3 months of hard work looks like.
This Girl’s Incredible Body Transformation Will Inspire You

Last week, as I was scanning through my Facebook feed and stalking all of you, I came across Jacqui Pogue's transformation photo and knew right away I had to make a post out of it. Jacqui is a famous Montreal makeup artist.

With summer right around the corner, everything fitness related inspires me. I couldn't wait to get in touch with Jacqui and ask her a few questions about her new lifestyle and, hopefully inspire our readers to be healthy and make the right choices in their lives as well.

What was your diet like before the transformation?

My before picture was taken while I was going through a break up and thought drinking, partying every night and ice cream would make me feel better - turns out it doesn’t help, and it actually leads to a little beer belly.

Then, I told myself I was going to be “his hottest ex-girlfriend in training” (I know, funny right) and joined a gym. But, it was only when I started training for my own well-being that I really started to enjoy it. Slowly, I was becoming more consistent with my workouts and started noticing improvements in my self-esteem.

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How often do you exercise? How intense are your sessions?

I know the biggest concern for most people is that they don’t have the time to workout, but that’s a lie – there’s always 45 minutes somewhere. I have a very busy schedule myself, so I’ve committed to going to the gym just twice a week, but when I do go, my amazing trainer (@JesseFlynnFitness) makes sure that I push myself to my absolute maximum.

What do you eat on an average day today?

Like most people, I often resorted to fast food to satisfy my hunger because it was just quick and easy, or I wouldn’t eat all day thinking that would make me loose weight. Now, I am much more aware of what I consume and I make conscious decisions of what to put in my body. I have completely eliminated alcohol, cheese and bread from my diet. What has made the biggest difference is the times that I choose to eat. I don’t eat late at night because it doesn’t give my body enough time to burn the calories before bed.

Do you have any cheat meals? If so, how often?

I will never be the type of girl to count calories, but there has to be some sacrifices. I’m not going to lie, I love Subway, pasta, chips, Redbull – basically everything I’m “not supposed to eat”. But if I have eaten clean all week, fuck yes I am going to enjoy a delicious slice of Pizza. Oh, and I have my trainer on Snapchat, so if I cheat I know he’ll make me feel bad.

How much weight did you lose? How long did it take you to progress this much? Have you reached your goal yet?

I’m not exactly sure just how much weight I’ve lost - I don’t actually weigh myself. Instead, I measure my progress based on how my clothes fit, on how confident I feel and the weight I can lift.

It’s only been about 3 months that I’ve been consistent with this new lifestyle, but I am happy with my results this far. When I first saw my trainer, Jesse, I told him that my goal was to feel confident in a crop top this summer. I’m not sure that I have reached my goal yet, but if you see me roaming around Montreal in a little crop top, you’ll know why.

Do you stick to your diet when you’re on vacation?

I eat clean in Montreal, so I can eat anything I want on vacation. Who wants to stay sober on vacation, anyways?

Do you feel different now that your body has transformed this much?

I feel much more confidant, but not so much as a result of the weight loss. I think it has been much more satisfying to set my mind to something, and achieve it.

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What would be your advice to girls who look up to you as fitness motivation?

Wow, I don’t consider myself to be a fitness inspiration. But, my advice would be to find someone who can support you through your journey. It’s much easier to commit to a healthier lifestyle if you have someone following you along the way. More importantly, set realistic goals for your unique body type. Every shape is beautiful. Don’t fixate on a Victoria Secret or Kim Kardashian look, just strive to be the best version of yourself.

What is the most challenging part about this fitness journey?

The most challenging part was initially forcing myself to go to the gym. I didn’t know my way around the gym, how to use the equipment or what exercises to do. Getting a trainer made me feel much more at ease. Now there really aren’t any challenges - I don’t consider this a diet anymore, it’s my new lifestyle.

What are some of the tricks/tips that worked for you in this transformation?

- Not eating after 8 pm

- Eliminating useless calories, like Alcohol

- Substituting unhealthy cravings for something better. For instance, when I’m craving chips, I’ll have salted almonds or edamame.

- And stay consistent! Results take time.

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