This Group Wants To Change The Day We Celebrate Halloween, And It Actually Makes A Lot More Sense

A petition to change the day has already received thousands of signatures.
This Group Wants To Change The Day We Celebrate Halloween, And It Actually Makes A Lot More Sense

Halloween has always unquestionably been held on the last day of the month, leaving the 30 previous days of October dedicated to preparing and anticipating the ghoulish night ahead.

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TL;DR A petition to change Halloween to the last Saturday of the month is gaining massive popularity on the internet. Due to the constraints caused by Halloween landing on a week day, many people agree the day would be better celebrated, and safer, on a weekend.

In some years, with today being a pretty good example, Halloween falls on a weeknight. This is definitely less than convenient for a few reasons: parents have to rush home from work, young children have school the next day and might be tired from walking outside all evening long, an increased risk of car accidents and people becoming injured, etc.

This uncertainty when it comes to Halloween has become such a major problem that a U.S. based petition to change what day the spooky holiday falls on is already underway, and it's gaining some pretty massive attention.

The Halloween and Costume Association is requesting that Halloween land on the last Saturday of the month instead of October 31.

The main cause for concern is that children are most at risk of being hit by a vehicle on Halloween night than any other autumn evening. Giving parents the opportunity to start trick or treating earlier in the day would avoid such issues.

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Also, Saturday sounds like it would be easier for everyone to celebrate and make the most of. More people would decorate their houses, there would be more parties and celebrations, and a lot more people would participate in the night festivites instead of being stuck in other arrangements taking place on work days.

So far, the petition has about 39,500 signatures and is hoping to reach a target of 50,000. To sign the petition, click HERE.

Who knows, next Halloween might land on a totally different day than ever seen before!