This Guy Just Gave His Girlfriend The World's Most Romantic Gift

Turning her into a real Disney Princess.
This Guy Just Gave His Girlfriend The World's Most Romantic Gift

Photo cred - Imgur

Guys, if you've ever wanted to do something romantic for your girlfriend, well you're shit out of luck because this guy just raised the bar to a level we will never be able to achieve. Brian Flynn decided to surprise his girlfriend last week by having an artist paint them as Disney characters. Brian hired and artist named Dylan Bonner (No, not boner. Stop being immature.) to recreate famous Disney moments so that he could essentially turn his girlfriend into a real Disney princess.

If that wasn't enough, this guy even had an awesomely romantic quote to explain the project. Brian claimed that he and his girlfriend Manini love Disney movies so much that he wanted their relationship to be as epic and timeless and the animations they grew up on. To be clear these aren't' photoshopped and the artist didn't merely paint a different person's face over a Disney print. They are actual paintings made from scratch without any tracing whatsoever. Brian sure has made it a lot more difficult for the rest of us guy to be appear romantic, flowers and chocolate just aren't going to cut it anymore.

Here are a couple of picture of the happy couple:

And here's the two of them painted as Disney characters:

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