This Man Will Pay You To Bring Him Beer From Montreal

The easiest job you will find this week!
This Man Will Pay You To Bring Him Beer From Montreal

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If you're looking for a quick and relatively easy way to make some cash this week then look no further than cross border beer delivery.  A craigslist ad was just posted by a man in New York who needs some Rickard's beer delivered so that he can give it to his girlfriend as a birthday gift. He is offering to pay very well and will cover all of your transport expenses. Sounds like a perfect excuse for a road trip!

This guy is clearly willing to go to great lengths to impress his lady. Rickard's isn't available in the US and he cannot get it shipped to New York so he has proposed this creative solution. His girlfriend's birthday is May 17th so the delivery has to be ASAP. All you need for this job is a car and the ability to buy two twelve cases.

He will meet you just across the border in New York or pay extra for you to deliver it directly to him. You will also be paid for the time that you're on the road and any other expenses during the trip. Border rules allow for up to $100 worth of products to be brought over as a "gift" if you are staying less than 24 hours so there shouldn't be any problems there. Even if you do have to pay duty, he will cover it as part of the trip expenses.

Sounds too good to be true? It's not. Check out the ad and send him a text because it might be the easiest cash you'll ever make.

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