This Halloween Candy Is Being Recalled Across Canada

There's already been a confirmed allergic reaction.
This Halloween Candy Is Being Recalled Across Canada

When we were all kids and spent Halloween night trick or treating in our neighbourhood, we were all told the stories of how baked treats wouldn't be safe to eat or that candy could be tampered with. 

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TL;DR Original Foods brand Marshmallow Brooms and MallowBats Halloween candy has been recalled across the country due to undeclared milk products. One allergic reaction has already been reported. If you have the product in question, you can return it to the store it was bought from for a refund.

For the most part you probably ate anything you got on the spooky night anyways (we were kids!), but every once in a while there'd be a story on the news about dangerous Halloween candy and how it was a threat to trick or treaters.

But what if the contamination was from much earlier, even during it's creation? 

We've never really stopped to think about manufacturers and their role in making the candy given out to thousands of people safe. That's why it's such a surprise that a popular Halloween treat is being recalled across the country for containing ingredients that aren't listed.


The secret ingredients include undeclared milk products that could lead to serious allergic reactions. The candy in question, Original Foods brand Marshmallow Brooms and MallowBats has been removed from stores in Canada.


As of now, there's been one reported allergic reaction in connection to the product. The Canadian Food Inspection Agency is currently investigating the product, which could lead to more recalls in the future.

According to the CFIA, any of the products that don't declare milk on the inner label is at risk and should be returned to the store where purchased.

Undeclared dairy products can pose major risk to anyone (especially children) who suffer from extreme allergies or lactose intolerance. With the candy possibly being given out to tons of children on Halloween night, it can pose a real danger.

For now, this is the only candy of the season that's had a recall. Let's hope the rest of the candy handed out on the festive night are safe.

For more information on the Marshmallow Brooms and MallowBats recall, click HERE.