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This Hidden Montreal Bar Serves Pineapple Drinks That Will Make You Feel Like You're On A Beach

Check out all the photos!
This Hidden Montreal Bar Serves Pineapple Drinks That Will Make You Feel Like You're On A Beach

Are you excited for summer? Well, I definitely am. And I am even more excited for summer drinks. Being day drunk with the sun out is one of the best feelings in the world if I'm being completely honest. 

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Cocktails are a great way to help you forget that the weather is still kind of crappy out. They will give you a buzz and help you to imagine that you're sitting by the water in 30 degree weather.

Montreal's Le Mal Necessaire is the perfect place to go if you've got the winter blues. It will snap you right out of your slump and remind you that sunnier days are on their way. Want to know how? They serve you amazing boozy cocktails in actual pinneaples, and coconuts! 

Glasses are out, fresh fruit is in. This might even make you feel like you're being healthy. You are holding a fruit after all. The natural sugars are sinking into your drink and giving them that every little something.

You can find it at 1106B Saint Laurent Blvd in  a Chinatown basement. So you'll have to look for it. Bt once you find it, you'll be happy. Trust me. It's at the corner of Réné Lévesque and St. Laurent so you can get to it from both Metro St. Laurent and Metro Place d'Armes.

They've got a great Asian-themed food menu that includes fried wontons and singapore noodles, but what's really great about this place is the drinks. They will really put you in a tropical vibe. 

Here's their Facebook and website! They'll show you exactly what I've been talking about. Every single person in their photos looks like they're having a great time. I personally can't wait to try out these drinks. They're practically calling my name.

Don't believe me? Check out all the photos of people enjoying these unique pineapple cocktails!

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