This Hidden Spot In Montreal's East End Actually Has The Best Butter Chicken

As you may or may not know, butter chicken is my actual life. Whenever I go to an Indian restaurant, I absolutely have to have butter chicken, no matter what other dishes I try.

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I don't know where my butter chicken obsession began, but I don't care. It's delicious. I love it. And I can very confidently say that I've had butter chicken from pretty much the majority of Indian spots in the city.

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As you would imagine, all the butter chicken dishes I've tried have been amazing. But there's one spot in particular that really blew me out of the water with their culinary talents.

That spot is Zykaa (8792 Rue Hochelaga), located in the East End of Montreal. If you're thinking that this spot is a little bit out of the way for you, just trust me on this one - it's totally worth the trek.

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Although I can write a whole novel about how awesome the butter chicken is (perfectly creamy and spiced, not too heavy, with a whole bunch of moist, tender, juicy chunks of chicken), the truth is, all the food I tried there is amazing.

Their tandoori chicken was legit majestic, similarly cooked to juicy, tender perfection and with just enough spice so that every flavour worked in harmony.

Their samosas were super flaky and crispy, filled to the brim with steaming hot, flavourful potatoes and vegetables; their onion pakoras were legit bursting with flavour; in short, everything was incredibly on point. I was really impressed.

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If Zykaa sounds like your new favourite spot, check out their Facebook and website for more information.

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