You Won't Believe How This Box Becomes A Fully Functioning Home

Take a look inside.
You Won't Believe How This Box Becomes A Fully Functioning Home

Owning a home definitely isn't in the realm of possibilities for most of us millennials, at least for the near-to-distant future. Home prices are just way too high, and it's not like the job market is endowing us with any high-paying jobs anyway. So are we stuck as renters for life?

With the Travelbox Olot by Juust architecture, you can become a home owner far faster than you think. Well, kinda-sorta.

Marketed as a "home in a box," the Travelbox is kind of like a more real estate-focused Optimus Prime, except, instead of going from fire truck to giant mecha, the 132 pound portable box folds out into a living space.

Able to comfortably carry everything one might need in a home, including a bike, bed, table, chair, and a storage unit, the Travelbox can literally make an open field a pseudo-apartment.

But while you could be a complete vagabond and use the Travelbox to make a pop-up house just about anywhere, the true purpose behind the product is to instantly make an empty apartment into a charming home.

As designer Stephen Juust puts it, right after you move into a new place "the Travelbox can be unfolded to instantly transform your new abode into a comfortable home," thus freeing you from any dependence on buying new furniture. The result is a more stress-free move that's also more affordable and environmentally friendly.

For Montrealers, the Travelbox would be especially useful during moving season, when you need to pretty much pack up your life to a new apartment. And if you're like me, and tend to move two-three times a year, the Travelbox is even more useful.

Take a look at what the Travelbox Olot has in store in the photos below.

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