This Home In Montreal's Saint-Henri Is The Dream Of Any Young Professional

There's a distinct difference between being a student and a young professional. While the two stages in life are closely linked, at least temporally, they couldn't be more different.

First, a young professional actually has a legit income. Secondly, and directly because of the whole money situation, a young professional no longer has to slum it in crummy apartments because the rent is so cheap.

No, a YoProFro (my new term for young professional, feel free to use it) wants a bit of luxury in their living space, and that's exactly what this Montreal home provides.

Located on St-Ferdinand street, just south of Notre Dame, this home has the benefit of being right in the heart of Saint Henri. A short walk from Place Saint Henri Station, you'd be close enough to enjoy the hip-quaint charm of the neighborhood while still being connected to the entire city. But who cares about the neighborhood when you live in a house as nice as this!

This Montreal living space's sleek and modern design is constantly illuminated by natural light thanks to the home's large windows, which is perfectly accented by the simple layout, white walls, and wood panel floors.

Perfect for entertaining, the home's living room has its own gas fireplace and an altogether cozy ambiance. Throw in a balcony on the second floor that provides a stunning view of downtown Montreal, and you have a place that will surely impress your friends,

Take a peek inside this gorgeous Montreal home through the photos below, and find out more by heading to the official property listing here.