This Home North Of Montreal Is The Perfect Getaway From The City

De-stress in style.
This Home North Of Montreal Is The Perfect Getaway From The City

Montreal's hustle and bustle can really get to you after a while. Sure, we all love the city, but everyone needs a break from all the traffic, hipsters, and 9 to 5 grind that comes with just a single week in Montreal.

Urban de-stressing it totally a thing, and there's no better way to remove the anxieties of the city than by getting back to nature. And this home would be the ideal setting to do so for just about anyone.

Situated on the northern side of Mont-Tremblant, about ninety minutes north of the city, is the Spahaus, an original creation by Montreal-based firm YH2 Architecture.

Spahaus was a special project commissioned by the Fraternité-sur-Lac site (located right by Lac Supérieur) who wanted the resort-area to be filled with homes that blend into the area's natural environment. To do so, YH2 created a new kind of log cabin, one fit for the modern Montrealer that doesn't just respect nature, but becomes a part of it.

Melding wood materials with concrete in a simple design, each of the 21 Spahaus units are embedded into the area's surrounding forest. All of the houses are even strategically placed so no other residences are visible, providing residents with an ambiance that they are quite literally alone and living among the trees.

Adding to the natural splendor of Spahaus is the Fraternité-sur-Lac resort itself. No cars (or any motorized vehicle) are allowed in the area, ensuring a calming atmosphere, which makes walking around the site, outfitted with a pool, tennis court, and club house, all the more enjoyable.

For a glimpse into the relaxing life of a Spahaus owner, check out the images below, couresy of Julien Perron-Gagné via ArchDaily.

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