This Human Bookshelf Is Changing The World And Destroying Stereotypes

Libraries are definitely not as popular as they used to be. People just aren't that into book anymore, and besides, you can pretty much download or order online any book you might want. What can make libraries cool again? How about a Human Library, because, yes, it is a thing.

  • Originating in Denmark back in 2000, the concept behind The Human Library is pretty straightforward: instead of books, you borrow people.
  • No, this isn't some weird form of human trafficking or prostitution, it's a way for people to converse, discuss, and learn about topics they didn't know about previously, all through the life story and experiences from someone sitting right next to them.
  • More Human Libraries have sprung up around the world, all with the goal of promoting community dialogue and compassion. Anyone from anywhere can set up a Human Library to achieve the same goals. Learn more at The Human Library Official Website.

Would you borrow a person from the Human Library?

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