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You Can Now Get "Lucky Charms" Ice Cream Cones In Montreal

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You Can Now Get "Lucky Charms" Ice Cream Cones In Montreal

Montreal sure does have a variety of SUPERB ice cream shops that involve crazy flavors and even more insane toppings, I mean who else has churro ice cream! But the insanity doesn't stop there. This Montreal ice cream shop has taken it to the next level by making even their cones spectacular!

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You may be wondering how a cone can be exciting... And so I present to you the Lucky Charms ice cream cone! I know, it seems pretty amazing but it literally tastes like MAGIC. I discovered this adorable ice cream shop over the weekend in Old Montreal and I swear it is my new favorite place!

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Mlle Catherine, located on 23 Place Jacques-Cartier in the heart of Old Montreal, has officially changed the ice cream game with their lucky charms cone. 

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But, they didn't stop there! They also have other spectacular cones covered in cotton candy and many more of your favorite cereals. Plus, it has an adorable vintage theme. 

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They offer soft served ice cream in vanilla and pistachio that can be dipped in 6 different flavors and of course in a lucky charms cone. Or, you can check out their gelato/sorbets!

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So, let's make this your lucky charm to a fabulous summer!

Soft serve in Montreal! Photo 1: They had all types of ice cream cones, with cereal! Photo 2: My friend got vanilla soft serve on a lucky charms cone with white chocolate/maple dip! Photo 3/4: Pistachio soft serve with milk chocolate dip! 10/10 would recommend #DANKSZN

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23 Place Jacques-Cartier 




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