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This Ice Cream Shop Now Has "Pitch-Black" Ice Cream Cones

Creamy, sweet, and cool to eat.
This Ice Cream Shop Now Has "Pitch-Black" Ice Cream Cones

Guys, I'm crying real tears rn. Why, you ask? Well, I'll tell you.

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I recently came across quite possibly the coolest ice cream I've ever seen in my life. (Coolest? Get it? Anyone? Okay, I'll see myself out). 

via @nadire_abu

This pitch black ice cream cone is pretty much the very definition of a cool treat (twice in a row, I'm sorry). Served on a jet black cone, you can find this creation at an ice cream shop called Little Damage in Los Angeles. 

If you find yourself there at some point, you know what you gotta do, friend. If not, you'll just have to enjoy these super chill (hah?) ice cream photos!

via @heyjackie

via @katelockridge

via @dangthatlooksgood

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