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This Insane $6,250,000 Mansion Is Now For Sale In The Montreal Old Port (Photos)

We dare you to count the chairs.
This Insane $6,250,000 Mansion Is Now For Sale In The Montreal Old Port (Photos)

While many of us rant and rave about the truly affordable rent prices in Montreal, there is still a huge market of unbelievably luxurious homes on the island... and their affordability will really depend on the depths of your pockets. 

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TL;DR This insanely beautiful home in the Old Port is now up for sale and it is simply stunning. Check out the pics and walk-through video below.

This home in Montreal is the definition of luxury. It's listed for $6.25 million and, honestly, I'm not surprised. It's got an insane view of Marché Bonsecours and is over 6,000 square feet in size. 

Via Engel & Voelkers

I can't even imagine a more classic Montreal home... but honestly the outside does NOT do this place justice.

Via Engel & Voelkers

So. Much. Exposed. Brick.

Also, I definitely counted at least 3 fireplaces in the walk through video... toasty.

Via Engel & Völkers

Via Engel & Voelkers

With six bedrooms, maybe you just need to find some wealthy friends and split the place?

And can we talk about how many chairs this place has?!

Via Engel & Voelkers

This place is more than just a pretty face... it's also got a commercial space on the main floor that is probably a pretty sweet little piece of potential income.

Via Engel & Voelkers

Built in 1870, the Vieux Montreal charm is insane. 

It looks like they've got old church pews lining this hallway. 

I love all the strange and old-timey accents this place has... like why is there a random wrought iron gate in the stairwell?

And why do I love it so much?!

Via Engel & Voelkers

Look at this view!!!

The location is definitely one of the best parts of this place... Check out this stunning walk through video and just imagine coming home to this place every day after work.


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