This Instagram Account Shames Montrealers For All Their Tim Hortons Trash

Just... stop.
This Instagram Account Shames Montrealers For All Their Tim Hortons Trash

An account mysteriously emerged from the nebula of Instagram four days ago. It posts exclusively photos of... Tim Horton's trash. Its mission? To sensitize Montrealers to their bad littering habits. 

TimHortons_Trash may have only started a few days ago, but it already has 20 posts. It's a testament to our love for Timmies, sure, but it also goes to show how reckless we are with our empty cups.

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TL;DR This new Instagram account only has one mission: to get you to stop throwing your trash on the ground! Check out TimHortons_Trash for details.

The account's bio, in classique Montréal style, is bilingue. It reads, "To all Tim Hortons consumers, throw your trash in the garbage🍩➡️🚮🌏"

Its first post was a five-part series titled "walking home," which records how much trash the user encountered on their one walk back from work. Below are a few excerpts.

The lost sleeve.

"#untrashnature," reads the caption. Now that's one hastag we can all get behind.

As the temperatures rise and the snow melts we become more aware of the trash that has accumulated over the winter. Hopefully this account will bring more awareness to our nasty, polluting habits.

So close! Many of the account's posts have an ironic edge.

As you can see, Tim Hortons trash gets particularly gross in the winter.

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Pick up your trash, guys. Or, even better, invest in a travel mug that you can re-use, so that you don't have to throw away a cup every time you buy coffee.

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