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This Is Google Maps Game Of Thrones Edition

Westeros and beyond, all in one online map.
This Is Google Maps Game Of Thrones Edition

If there's anything more complicated than remembering all the goddamn names of characters on Game of Thrones, it's remembering where the hell everything is in Westeros.

The intro to Game of Thrones is useful, but I always get lost in the epic music and lego-style construction of everything and basically forget where everything is on the map. And when they're referencing cities during the show...forget about it.

To make everyone's life easier, some uber-nerds created a Googles-style interactive map that covers the entire world of George R.R. Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire.

Zoom in on specific locales, see spots unseen on the show (spoilers!) and even track specific character's journeys. Lord knows I have no clue where the hell Arya ever is.

Check out the Westeros Google Map right here.

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