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This Is How Celebs Like The Kardashians Get Their Perfect Bodies

'Dr. Six' shows off his skillful surgeries.

Friends, who here has always been fascinated by plastic surgery? You can't deny that plastic surgery is interesting AF to watch; you also can't deny that unless you're a medical professional, it's kind of difficult to see a procedure happen live before your eyes.

Until now, that is.

Canada's very ownDr. Six, AKA Dr. Martin Jugenburg, has been a huge part of the plastic surgery scene for over a decade. And now, he's taking you into his office for a real-life, unfiltered look at actual plastic surgeries and other procedures through his extremely popular Snapchat account, @realdrsix.

via @realdrsix

With some 90,000 followers to his name, Dr. Jugenburg's account is actually super educational. There's something really comforting about seeing real life people getting work done, without any highlighting or editing. Also, if you're interested in getting a procedure, you'll get to see pretty much how it's going to go down.

via @realdrsix

The accountprettymuch proves just how fascinating plastic surgery really is - for everyone. According to Dr. Six, "these are everyday people who have little things they want to fix."

via @realdrsix

What's made Dr. Six so well-known, is how raw it is. Kind of like a TLC show for Snapchat, each snap is absolutely fascinating, albeit not for everyone.

From consultation to surgery, viewers get a behind-the-scenes look at what goes on in Dr. Six' offices.  No staging, no makeup, no Photoshop, and of course, the always popular “Rants by Dr. Six”, his no-holds-barred thoughts on various topics in the world of cosmetics.

via @realdrsix

Right now, Dr. Six live Snaps from his clinic in Toronto, along with his huge team of professionals, all dedicated to making sure each patient gets the best care possible.

Peeping them on Snapchatis pretty much the perfect way for you to get the inside scoop on how plastic surgery actually works, without having to hop in a plane and try and cop a real-life visit. You'll be informed, you'll be entertained, and you'll gain a whole new perspective the various procedure people get everyday.

For more information on Dr. Six, check out his WebsiteFacebook page, and of course, Snapchat!