This Is How Hurricane Willa Will Impact Canada

Snow. Lots of snow.
This Is How Hurricane Willa Will Impact Canada

Hurricane Willa had been ravaging through Mexico and the southern U.S. earlier this week, destroying everything in it's path and quickly morphing into a category 5 storm.

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TL;DR Hurricane Willa will be entering Canada's east coast within the next few days, causing snowy, icy and windy conditions. Below is what conditions Canadians should be prepared for over the next week.

It's been announced that the hurricane will be making it's way to Canada, but will more than likely become a massive snowstorm wreaking havoc on any province it passes through.

It's predicted the storm will race up the east coast into the country by Saturday, meaning we don't have much time to prepare for the worst. Ontario and Quebec are said to experience the worst of the hurricane with a large amount of snowfall over the weekend, with dangerous conditions over high terrain areas.

It's uncertain how far the snowstorm will reach east and west of Canada, what is known is that the east coast is going to be a frozen nightmare for the next week or more.

Other parts of Atlantic Canada will experience strong winds and a massive amount of rainfall. Luckily, those provinces will stay in the warm sector of the storm resulting in mild temperatures.

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The winter storm has the potential for tree-snapping as well as extreme damage to buildings, so your best option is to stay indoors until the storm dissipates next week.

At it's worst, stores may close early in preparation for the weather, so you may want to stock up on everything you need now.

Stay tuned for more breaking news on Hurricane Willa's impact in Canada.


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