This Is How Long A Montreal Man Lasts Before Orgasming

The average time it takes to bust a nut.
This Is How Long A Montreal Man Lasts Before Orgasming

Photo cred - silly-luv

How you watch porn, and how long you actually take to bust one out, says a lot about your personality. Maybe you're the indulgent type, who enjoys spending a solid half hour (or longer) perusing pornography, or you're all about commitment and speed, finding one video and sticking with it 'til climax. The same can be done to countries and cities, which is exactly what PornHub has done, mapping out the porn-watching trends of nations and cities worldwide.

The world's largest porn website mapped out the duration of porn sessions on a handy infographic, covering the climax-time of literally the entire world. PornHub delved a little deeper into individual cities/areas, with La Belle Province included.

Quebec/Montreal comes in at a time of 9:27 before splooging to porn, and we're saying men, because, well, while some girls do watch porn, lady porn watchers are pretty sparse compared to the 101% of males who do.

The city/province's jizz-time is a little behind the national average, which clocks in at 9:52 for all of Canada. But we're a full minute behind "Canada's capital of fap" otherwise known as Edmonton, which is actually fine, because I don't think we want to have that prestigious honour.

You can see the the infogrpahic for yourself, broken down by countries and cities here.

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