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15 Pictures Of Montreal's Long History With Snow Removal

Thank God for modern technology.
15 Pictures Of Montreal's Long History With Snow Removal

It was bound to happen sometime people. I know we're all pissed about the shit tons of ice and snow wailing about outside right now, but such is winter in Montreal right? Unfortunately, this is the reality of our lives. To give you a glimmer of happiness midst the snowy maelstrom, just know that winter life was MUCH worse 60 years ago.

The 1940's and 50's saw Montreal's first technological expansion into snow removal machines. Somehow they got by without out before then. While these 'modern machines' moved things along, taking a look at some pictures of these arguably ancient tech-monstrosities will show you how lucky we have it these days. Most of these behemoths don't even look like they're removing snow, more just clumsily moving white stuff around and looking like they're about to scream "terrorize!" and transform into evil robots. Be thankful we have legit snow plows and blowers nowadays, because things looked a lot rougher back then.

See what I mean in the photos below.

Love the vintage snow removal machines, or do they look like they're literally punching a hole in the atmosphere? Should we bring these babies back from the technological afterlife? Let us know in the comments below!

Photos courtesy of Archives of Montreal

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