This Is How Much Money Justin Trudeau Makes As Prime Minister Of Canada

Ever wonder exactly how much money you would make running a country like Canada? 

Let's find out. 

Yesterday we discussed how much money the mayor of Montreal makes and everyone seemed to agree that Valerie Plante's salary of $168,029 per year was perfectly appropriate. 

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But how much more money do you make being Prime Minister? 

It turns out that as PM you don't just get a salary, you actually get two salaries: The normal PM salary, plus another for being a member of parliament. 

Both of those used to be $170,400, however they were raised in April to $172,700. So that means Justin Trudeau gets paid $345,400 for the year. 

But that's not all. The prime minister also gets some extra perks: Two official residences ( 24 Sussex Drive and a country retreat in Gatineau Park), an armored car, a $2,000 car allowance, and shared access to two airplanes. 

What so you think? Should he be paid more, less, or is this the perfect amount?

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