This Is How Much Money Justin Trudeau Probably Made In 2018

The salary, gifts, services, and perks add up!
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This Is How Much Money Justin Trudeau Probably Made In 2018

Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau is a controversial figure. His government's spending, particularly the plan to run a deficit, has been met with criticism from the opposition.

But Trudeau's personal finances and exchanges, too, have been the subject of controversy. Recall that when he became leader of the Liberal party, Canadians attacked him for exorbitant speaking fees. He later promised to repay one speaking payment of $20,000.

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TL;DR By the end of 2018, Trudeau will have been personally paid $345,400 in addition to other allowances, services, and expensive gifts.

This year, expensive gifts to his family also made headlines.Several gifts from luxury designers, in particular, raised questions about Trudeau's ethics.

Trudeau's official income as prime minister, however, is fixed. The 2018 budget allotted $345,400 for the PM's income, which includes the standard salary for any MP in addition to an extra sum reserved for the most powerful person in the country. The $2,000 car allowance brings the total amount to $347,400, according to WorldAtlas and the Parliament of Canada online portal.

But this number does not include other services from which the prime minister benefits. The Trudeau family nanny and chef are both payed with taxpayer money, making $21.79/hour and on average $73,851/year, respectively.

The gifts to the Trudeau family also cost thousands of dollars in sum.

The prime minister also gets to live in an official residence maintained with public funds.

Trudeau, of course, also has a hefty inheritance from his famous forefathers which contributes to an even greater net worth.

His current salary is the result of a pay increase in 2017. Federal law dictates the terms for parliamentary pay raises, according to Global News, but that doesn't mean that these hikes aren't met with controversy.

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There's no telling whether Trudeau's finances or gifts will become fodder for petty political debate in the run-up to the Canadian federal election in late 2019.

But the opposition is sure to pick apart every small controversy that has included Trudeau's name in the past five years.

Stay tuned.

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