This Is How You Get Your Dream Booty Without Too Much Work

The 'lazy girl' guide.
This Is How You Get Your Dream Booty Without Too Much Work

I speak for myself here... working out is not my favourite thing in the world. What I really like is seeing fitness results though. And seeing them fast. I'm sure a lot of our readers can relate to my issue here. So today, on this snowy March day, I figured - why not put together a list of things to do in order to get your dream booty without too much work? Sort of like a guide for girls who like to get a little lazy, but who still want to look good this summer.

There are three things that are necessary to achieve your dream booty: 1) exercise, 2) diet and 3) massage (I know, right?).

Let's start with exercise. Remember I wrote a post about Jacqui Pogue's incredible 3-month body transformation? Today, I got in touch with her personal trainer, Jesse Flynn, in order to inquire about easy, but effective, booty exercises. Here are his suggestions:

- Deep Squats, bum needs to drop below knee height, no weight needed but heavier weight will build the butt harder and perkier.

- Kick backs, extend the leg up high with resistance using a machine or someone pushing back against your foot.

- Hip thrusts, using a machine, or weight, or no weight at all.

So far so good? Not too complicated, right?

Next, let's talk about the diet. Turns out, there are certain foods that can actually help you get a firmer and rounder butt. Nuts, avocado, and greek yogurt are great sources of healthy monounsaturated fats that, if consumed in moderation, will help you reach your booty goals.

In addition, substitute white bread (unnecessary calories) by whole wheat, munch on dried fruits (fuller bottom's best friends) and treat yourself to a nice tuna steak every once in a while (it's a perfect source of protein as well as healthy fat).

Last, but not least - massage. Yes, you heard right. You need to massage your bum bum in order for it to get nice and smooth.

"An intense lymphatic massage on the buttocks can reshape your butt and improve circulation to the area. Combine the massage with an algae wrap to discourage cellulite. This massage will work the deep tissues in your behind and rejuvenate your cells, giving you better curves and making the skin on your buttocks glow." (Source)

Now get to work, summer is right around the corner!

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