This Is What Happens When You Give A Dog A Credit Card

I know you've thought about it a million times before, but what happens when you give a cute doggy his own credit card? He goes on a shopping spree, obviously! High-end dog bones, expensive chew-toys, Kobe beef, a new fur coat...only the best for pooch.

Only problem is, who's actually paying for all of it? Did you really think Max could be financially responsible? He's a dog!!

Well that's exactly what happens in this hilarious "dogumentary" (get it? Documentary but with the word dog? Anyway...). It shows the all-too-familiar tail of Max the Australian Shepherd who doesn't know his spending limit, and racks up some serious debt.

What starts as a little treat here and there, turns into a serious shopping spree, and quickly gets out of hand (paw?).

Okay, so the video is to promote Interac® Debit, but it's still super cute regardless, no? It's a funny way to show the very real consequences credit card debt can have if you're not careful. Long story short, don't dig yourself into a hole like our boy Max did!

Interac is a registered trade-mark of Interac Inc. Used under license.

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