This Is A Montreal Made Cola That Kicks Pepsi's Ass

'1642 Cola' is a homegrown drink you'll want to check out.

Photo cred - 1642 Cola

Montreal has many signature foods. Bagels, smoked meat, and poutine are all regularly accompanied with the title of 'Montreal' and now, if local entrepreneur Bastien Poulain can get the funding, a 'Montreal cola' will be added to the list, reports JdM.

Poulain, a native of France now living in Montreal, hopes "1642 Cola" will be the signature drink of the city, brewed, bottled, and sold exclusively in Montreal. An initiative that needs $50, 000 to get off the ground, Poulain has created a crowdfunding campaign on IndieGoGo which will end on November 22, and still needs a lot of dough to meet the goal.

Other than the novelty of having a cola inspired by the city, Poulain notes some other incentives to creating a locally produced beverage. An alternative to major globe-spanning brands like Coke and Pepsi, Poulain notes that a local soft drink will be better for the environment and contribute to the city's economy.

But who cares about the environment and economy, what makes any cola is the taste - and that seems to be the major mystery behind 1642 Cola. The only ingredient revealed in the cola's secret recipe is maple syrup from the Laurentians, with everything else kept hush-hush by Poulain, though he has noted it will be created using 99% Quebec products. All Poulain will say is that the beverage "really tastes like cola," which we kind of assumed given the name.

Check out the trailer for 1642 Cola below, and head over to the IndieGoGo campaign here if you want to donate and the Facebook page here.

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