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This Is Montreal From A To Z

The complete ABC's of the city.
This Is Montreal From A To Z

We all know our ABCs (at least I hope we all do) but have you heard the Montreal version? Neither did we, so we made one.

Inspired by the Gazette article of the same theme, we thought we'd take it one step further, and include the whole alphabet at once with more...culturally relevant letter-city correlations. We love the Gazette, we're just not a big fan of bees.

See Montreal from A to Z below.

A: Atwater

Hard not to simply choose "awesome" for Montreal's "A," though Atwater works just fine, representing the metro station, farmer's market, and the street.

B: Bagel

Entwined with Montreal's culture and history, you can't deny that the city's specially crafted bagel embodies Montreal.

C: Churches

We got more churches than we know what do with in Montreal, a never-ending ode to the city's rich history and architecture.

D: Desnis Coderre

Montreal's latest (and greatest?) mayor is becoming more synonymous with the city with each passing day. Even haters can't deny the Denis Coderre-craze that is sweeping the city.

E: Expos

Never forget nos amours!

F: Farine Five Roses

Whether you're entering or exiting the city, these three words in red-block text are always above the city. Only in Montreal has a flour company become a cultural landmark.

G: Graffiti

A quick walk in the city proves just how big of a street art culture exists in Montreal. Let's also not forget about Mural Fest.

H: Habs

Every year is an emotional roller coaster, and Montrealers keep coming back for more. Habs pride forever.

I: Igloofest

Montreal's winter season is defined by Igloofest, and not just because it's awesome. Igloofest embodies the city's philosophy on winter: it's fucking cold, but we're still gonna party.

J: Jazz Fest

Music is huge in Montreal, and while Jazz Fest doesn't represent the wide array of musical styles inhabiting the city, it does show Montreal's passion for local and international music.

K: PK Subban

Okay, a cop-out here because of that pesky "P," but you think of a better "K" thing than Subban and we'll gladly switch it out. Besides, we love Subban too much to leave him off the list.

L: LARPers

Check 'em out at Tams every Sunday for a sample of some imaginary medieval dueling. You may think it's nerdy/weird, but you know you want to jump in. If you see a dude rocking a Wonder Woman get-up with a giant sword among the gritty medieval folk, come say hi. :)

M: Mount Royal

The site of Tams, the originator of the city's namesake, and where the cross overlooking the city will forever stand, Mount Royal couldn't be kept off this list.

N: Nightlife

Montreal loves to party, and everyone knows it. Good thing the city lives up to its reputation.

O: Old Port

Nothing represents Montreal's inherent mix of modern and ancient than the transition from sidewalk to cobblestone as you head to the Old Port. There's also that beautiful waterside view.

P: Poutine

Please, like poutine needs an explanation.

Q: Quartier des Spectacle

Nearly every major festival in Montreal is held in the Quartier des Spectacles, and we've included it as an ode to the many events that occur here every year.

R: Romados

Portuguese chicken is a big deal in Montreal, and no other joint is as well known or renowned as Romados. Gotta have 'dat crack chicken.

S: Smoked Meat

You can be a Schwartz supporter, a Main Deli man, or a patriot for Smoke Meat Pete. No matter your deli, smoked meat is the reason you're so passionate.

T: Terasse

When summer comes, Montrealers drink on terrasses, it's that simple. Other cities may call them patios, but here, they be terrasses.

U: Universities

No other city (aside from a select few) can boast as many universities as Montreal. They make the city a hub of higher learning, and keep the city alive with youthful energy.

V: Village

Getting gay in Montreal is an experience, and the city's welcoming vibe and mandate for freedom of expression is housed in Montreal's Gay Village, especially in the summer. The queer scene has moved out of the Village-core, but the Village will always be the anchor.

W: Weed

Again, walk around Montreal a bit and you're sure to experience this aspect of the city's culture. The city loves the green stuff, and it's a good thing.

X: X-rated

Not only are strip clubs quite literally everywhere in the city, Montreal is also known to have a pretty seedy underbelly. Don't think of this as a bad point, it adds to our charm.

Y: Yellow Line

Maybe the most underrated metro line makes this list because it is a one-way trip to Piknik, Osheaga, and every other awesome event held at Parc Jean-Drapeau.

Z: Zoo Fest

To close, Zoo Fest, a festival including so many different musical and dramatic performances, comedy shows, and parties, that it mirrors Montreal's very own eclectic and crazy culture.

What would be in your Montreal alphabet?

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