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This Is Montreal In 3 Minutes

A timelapse that spans several Montreal months.
This Is Montreal In 3 Minutes

A single perspective can't hope to embody all of Montreal, but that didn't stop videographer Christopher Leroy from documenting 3 months and 3 weeks spent in the city, then synthesizing it into a sleek video. Montreal means many things to many people, and this is what the city is to him.

Titled MONTRÉAL: JE ME SOUVIENS, Leroy's video takes you throughout our metropolis, all in POV-style. Documenting everything from politics to alleyway chilling, this video doesn't quite capture every aspect of Montreal (truly an impossible task) but it does come close.

See if you agree and watch below.

See more of Leroy's stuff on his Vimeo page and Tumblr.

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