This Is Montreal's First Ever "Autumn Farmer's Market" Map

This Is Montreal's First Ever "Autumn Farmer's Market" Map

With the cooler weather arriving, fall is definitely here! You can feel it in the air and with so many upcoming fall activities it's no wonder this is the favourite time of year for countless Montrealers. 

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There is so much to do in Montreal: from apple picking, drinking cider, and let's not forget baking delicious treats like cinnamon buns or pumpkin pie! 

The best ingredients you can get are local and at the various farmers markets located throughout the city. Also, there's no better way to spend a fall day than at the market.

There are so many markets that we decided to make a fun map displaying them all! 

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Here's a list of all the farmers markets in Montreal:

1. Jean Talon Market 

7070 Henri Julien Ave

This market is famous – with Montrealers and tourists flooding to this location in Little Italy. Known for the local produce, along with various shopkeepers (butchers, bakers, grocers) and cute little restaurants. Whether you're looking for local ingredients or locally made food- this market offers something for everyone. Harvest season is definitely the best time of year to take advantage of Jean-Talon!


2. Atwater Market 

138 Atwater Ave

This market is known for its many butchers and cheese stores. Discover some gourmet food, open all-year round.


3. Maisonneuve Market

4445 Ontario St E

This market is historic – located in a beautifully distinguished stone building and first opening at the beginning of the 20th century. Not only does this market sell local ingredients, but it also contains a beautiful garden.


4. The Lachine Market 

1865 Rue Notre Dame & 18e Ave

You will have the prettiest view while visiting this market. Lachine Market is located along the Lachine Canal and is also the oldest market in all of Montreal, opening in 1845! Visit a historic site, while admiring the beautifully pigmented fruits and vegetables.


5. Concordia Farmer's Market 

1515 Saint-Catherine St W

This market is a bit smaller, but nonetheless still fantastic! Their mission is to create a sustainable food system and to provide students, staff and members of the community with local, organic products. This is a great option if you're feeling a more intimate, less crowded market.


6. Marché des Éclusiers 

400 de la Commune St W

Probably the most "Instagrammable" of all the markets. This market is located in the heart of Old Port, and contains a restaurant, bar, and a farmer's market. Marché des Éclusiers is representative of the farming culture that Quebec is known for. Cheers to that!


7. Jean-Brillant Neighbourhood Market

5307-, 5351 Côte-des-Neiges Rd.

This cute market sells everything from flowers, snacks to delicious fruit and veggies. Great place to stop whether on your way to work or back from it, to pick up your sweetie a beautiful flower bouquet.

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8. Solidaire Frontenac Market

2570 Ontario St E.

This market can be seen from miles away with a colourful yellow roof. With affordable food and locally grown foods, it's no wonder this is a favourite for Montrealers! This market also offers a $5 card (for the year) that gives you 10% off your purchases.


9. Mount Royal

470 Av. du Mont-Royal Est

A little kiosque situated just outside of Mont Royal metro station. The perfect spot to grab local ingredients on your way home. They even have cute little succulents!

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10. Laurier Market 

475 Laurier Est.

Small, but quaint market located near Laurier Metro Station. Perfect place to grab a coissant, or a healthy snack on your way to school!


11. Angus Market 

2600 Rue William-Tremblay

Grab a sweet treat from this market! They are a non-profit organization founded in 2008 and want to bring community together.

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