This Is Montreal's First Ever Car In The City

November 21st, 1899, the Crestmobile arrived.
This Is Montreal's First Ever Car In The City

Photo cred - Wikipedia

115 years ago, nearly to the date, the very first horseless carriage, or automobile, as they're better known today, road on the streets of Montreal. On November 21st, 1899, the Crestmobile put Montrealers in a state of awe, according to Radio-Canada.

When the Crestmobile (no affiliation to the toothpaste brand) first revved its engines, Montrealers found the newfangled piece of tech as noisy and dangerous. A pedestrian wasn't hit by a car for the first time 'til 1905, which we'll take as the symbolic start of reckless driving in Montreal, a tradition still in full-force today.

Take a look at the original advert for the car below.

Photo cred - Wikipedia

Twitter user Dan Hein actually pointed out this bit of Montreal history to us, which got us wondering what other 'firsts' happened in Montreal around this time of year. On November 24th, 1859, the very first train crossed over the St. Lawrence river, and the first white child was born in Montreal on Nov. 24th, 1648. We were a little weirded out by that last factoid too.

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