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This Is Montreal's First STM Metro Map From 1966

A smaller map during simpler time.
This Is Montreal's First STM Metro Map From 1966

Montreal's metro system hasn't changed much in the last 40 years (much to some citizen's chagrin) but the metro-layout didn't always look like it does today. Initially in operation in 1966, the metro got a few upgrades in the 70's, catalyzed by the 1976 Olympics, making the OG metro map very different from what we see today.

One Montrealer decided to show just how different Montreal's metro map used to be. Many of the metro stops weren't named the same back then (Berri-UQAM = Berri de Montigny), but the modern names are being used solely to make it clearer to us kids today. Check it out below.

Here's the original map (with a weird horizontal map-POV) from 1966 for reference.

And for all of you map-junkies, here are the original plans for Montreal's metro system, dating all the way back to 1910. Yup, they had ideas even back at the dawn of the century...and didn't build anything 'til 50 years passed. I guess fantasizing metro stations is much more Montreal's strong suit than actually constructing them. Get all the details at the Wikipedia page, where the pics are from.





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