This Is Montreal's Free Downtown "Ping Pong" Park You Did Not Know About

You had us at 'Ping'.

Photo cred - Thierry Emard

Underneath the Notre-Dame viaduct is a somewhat hidden and not-very-known green zone and urban relaxation space, one that the whole city of Montreal should definitely know about. Outfitted with a faux lawn, street furniture, and a concrete ping pong table for all to use, "Espace Faubourg Québec" is a respite from the urban hustle of city life, one we wish we knew about in the summer.

Set up last year, the park beneath the Notre-Dame viaduct was part of a pilot project launched by Vision Montreal in an effort to create more green spaces within the city. The project was deemed a sucess, winning two different awards (from the Ovation municipale de l’Union des municipalités du Québec and l’équipe Capsana Défi-Santé), and returned for summer 2014.

Activities are regularly hosted at Espace Faubourg Québec during the warmer months, such as Tai Chi, yoga, pop-up farmers markets, and many others, in addition to the space being just a nice place to relax and play some ping-pong whenever you like. We had no clue this park 'neath the Notre-Dame viaduct was a thing, and if you did, congrats, because you got to enjoy an amazing hidden gem.

Get more info on the park by heading to the park's page on the City of Montreal portal here.

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