This Is Montreal's Free "Givebox" In The Mile End

A give and take for the whole city.

Photo cred - Chez Latina

To get a little from your community, you need to give a little back. Givebox Montreal makes that easier than ever, because instead of volunteering or donating money, you can simply leave old clothes, mementos, or whatever you like, and make Montreal a more giving, exciting, and welcoming city.

A Givebox is exactly what it sounds like, a "community closet" where you can give and take what you want from inside. Personal items (clothes, books, games, etc) are recommended, rather than non-perishable foods, since the former have a cool story behind them, and the latter are best donated to a charity anyway.

Inspired by the European concept of the same name, Givebox came to Montreal a few years ago thanks to the Givebox Montreal team. A few Giveboxes were set up around the city, but only one still stands today.

The sole Montreal Givebox has been, and still is, facilitating community encounters on the corner of Esplanade and St. Viateur, right by Chez Latina in Mile End. With a book inside to give a background history on the items left in the Givebox, the chest of memories is a unique way of bringing the community together.

Montreal's Givebox now looks better than ever, as the community trove of treasures just got a total face-lift thanks to Les manufacturiers de Gaspé, who designed and built the new Givebox. Check it out yourself, you may find something you like.

Givebox Montreal would like the concept to expand across Montreal, but as it stands, there isn't much funding to cool community iniatives like this. If you'd like to see a Givebox in your neighborhood, head over to the Givebox Montreal FB page and see how you can get involved.

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