This Is Montreal's Free Urban Carousel In Little Italy

Place Shamrock's coolest feature.
This Is Montreal's Free Urban Carousel In Little Italy

Photo Cred - Ville de Montreal

Place Shamrock, the recently opened park in Little Italy, moments away from Jean-Talon market (map), is not your standard urban playground. Created using a more playful design scheme, mixing urban and fairground elements, Place Shamrock looks fun and inviting, and best of all, has a carousel.

An urban adaptation of a classic carnival design, Place Shamrock's carousel replaces the traditional horses with bicycles. Electricity isn't used to power the carousel, as the spinning happens manually via the larger bikes, making for a much greener version of the carnival classic.

Kids and adults alike can both have fun with the manual carousel, the former simply enjoying the ride and the latter getting a nice dose of nostalgia. Place Shamrock also has a bunch of terrasses and movable chairs and tables, making this park more than a one trick pony (pun!).

Place Shamrock was created with summer fun in mind, as the space is supposed to foster socializing and community chilling , and as a space to used to host events. Also, for those wondering, the park was named after the lacrosse team who used to play on the field that is now the Jean-Talon market.

Take a look at Place Shamrock and its urban carousel through the photos and tweets below:





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