This Is Montreal's FREE WiFi Map

And It's only getting bigger.
This Is Montreal's FREE WiFi Map

We've been hearing about it for awhile now, Montreal is getting free WiFi ... eventually. We've already mentioned it here and here, and there was even that time Montreal wanted to turn old phone booths into WiFi hotspots.

But it looks like Free WiFi is finally a reality. The city of Montreal posted this map showing the gradually expanding MtlWiFi network.

All the streets marked in yellow either have or are in the process of getting WiFi. The deployment process began June 25th as part of the Smart City Montreal Project and it's growing quickly.

This marks a huge step for Montreal and hopefully one day the entire city will be blanketed with free internet access, because everyone knows there's nothing worse than not being connected.

To learn more about getting access to the new network, simply check out their terms of service