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This Is Montreal’s Free WiFi Pokémon GO Map

Never worry about your data limit again in the city.
This Is Montreal’s Free WiFi Pokémon GO Map

Pokémon GO is creating a whole bunch of new problems users didn't have to think about before.

Don't get me wrong, people have always been complaining about how crappy smart phone batteries are. But plugs (lol, "butt plugs") are everywhere and portable power sources don't cost a lot of money, so that's not really a big issue.

The real problem is the data consumption, and although Pokémon GO doesn't drain your data as much as a normal GPS (because it doesn't redraw the map as often), it still adds up really fast.

People in the US are a little luckier, T-Mobile has promised to not charge people for their Pokémon GO data usage for at least one year. And while we may not have that luxury here, there are still areas where you can play without draining your data.


You just need to stick to Montreal's FREE WI-FI Zone.

Yup, Montreal has a FREE WI-FI zone and it's gradually expanding. According to the Ville de Montreal's website this is the official map where you can play your heart out without putting a dent in your data plan.

You're welcome.

To learn more about getting access to the new network, simply check out their terms of service.

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