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This Is Montreal's Hidden Summertime Rooftop Pool

Swim freely above the city.
This Is Montreal's Hidden Summertime Rooftop Pool

Summer is officially upon us, at least in terms of temperature. Things are only going to get hotter, and eventually reach the point of unbearable, and when that time come, you'll want a secluded spot to cool down and drink a few brews.

Screw public pools filled with children and old people, you deserve better than being in a pool with the plebeians. We've got a hidden Montreal gem of a pool that will make you feel swank without breaking the bank: the rooftop pool at the Hilton Montreal Bonaventure.

Open all year round,  the Hilton's rooftop pool can be enjoyed anytime of the year (heated in winter!) but, as we all know, summertime is the prime time for poolside chilling.

There is one catch, but we've got the solution.

You need to rent out a room to gain access to the rooftop pool which is le suck, unless you've got a few friend with you. You do have those right? Split between 4 friends (or more if you wanna hustle with room passes), you can rent a room for a day and have a full pool-access for a little over $25 each.

Rent a room, drink a bunch on some comfy beds (leaving the mess for room service to clean up, because it is their job), then head to the roof for the day as you bake in the sun and wade in the pool. A summer day very well spent.

Get all the details at the Hilton's website and get prepped for the pool.

Will you be swimming at the Hilton?

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