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This Is Montreal's Lego STM Network

Montreal's metro and buses remade with tiny toy blocks.
This Is Montreal's Lego STM Network

Lego may traditionally be a kid's toy, but these guys have turned the toy blocks into its own architectural form and remade Montreal's transit network.

QuéLUG, a Quebec-based Lego group, are the folks behind these plastic marvels, each Lego creation constructed as part of the model train expo held at yearly at Polyvalente Georges-Vanier.

The metros, buses, and hypothetical light rail of Montreal have never looked so vibrant and welcoming. Everything really would be awesome if the world was made of Lego. And that was a reference to the Lego Movie, for the unenlightened who have yet to watch that cinematic masterpiece.

Check out the STM in Lego below. See more Lego creations at QuéLUG's photo stream too.

How does the Lego STM look?

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