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This Is Montreal’s Most Amazing Japanese Pub

A hidden gem in the city.
This Is Montreal’s Most Amazing Japanese Pub

As a native of a country where pubs are the norm, I’ve found it difficult over here to find new favourite haunts that strike that perfect balance between great drinks, tasty food and an atmosphere that welcomes you like a local, even when you aren’t.

As it turns out, the one place that hits all of those buttons for me already, is now set to offer the Montreal scene a new go-to spot for late-night drinks.

via @kinoya_izakaya

One of the Plateau's best kept secrets, Kinoya delivers seriously delicious Japanese tapas, an innovative drinks menu, and a genuinely warm bar staff all under the same cool wooden roof as it is. But we just got news that hippest izakaya in the city is extending their bar hours until 3am starting this weekend!

Perfect for dates, group hangouts or post-work dranks, Kinoya Izakaya has established itself as a top restaurant in the Plateau, thanks in large part to its one-of-a-kind décor and unique style. Its origami-inspired walls serve as the perfect backdrop for your evening chill session, not to mention it's hella Instagram worthy.

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To celebrate their new summer schedule, Kinoya Izakaya are throwing a party this Friday, July 29. Turn up for a live DJ, photographer, and a photo wall to keep track of all the night’s best (and worst) pictures. And if you’re the type of person that needs a promise of freebies to show up anywhere, you’re in luck, because each partygoer will snag themselves a drink on the house, whether that’s a cocktail, a sake or a draft beer.

So if you’re ready for a night that combines the good time that is Japanese drinking culture, with the seriously awesome vibe of Kinoya Izakaya, make your way over this summer and become a part of the city’s friendliest pub family.

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With their new bar hours on Fridays and Saturdays – you now get three whole extra hours to get your sake on. And if you’re an Izayaka virgin, be prepared to be welcomed into a world of gong-banging, table-thumping and intriguing cocktail creations – including a wasabi-inspired concoction, for those who are strong of heart and stomach.

Check out the Kinoya Izakaya Facebook event, or tempt yourself with the whole bar menu on their website.