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This Is Montreal's Nutella Cannoli

Nutella really does make everything better.
This Is Montreal's Nutella Cannoli

Can you resist cannoli? Crispy, flakey and deep-fried on the outside with a velvety smooth filling, there's a reason the cannolo (singular, duh) has become the most iconic Italian bite-sized pastry. Montreal has plenty of Italian bakeries making your typical cannoli, but Cannoli Express, with their flavour combinations and speedy service, are taking cannoli to new and crazy-cool climates. Did we mention they have Nutella Cannoli yet?

Born out of the family-owned and operate Bakery Siracua in Ville-Emard, Cannoli Express isn't the new kid on the cannoli block. 35 years of experience is backing Cannoli Express, and all that's really changed is the location, not the passion for food or the traditional recipe.

Every CE cannoli is made with high quality ingredients, and begin with  hand-rolled  and golden brown shells. They're then stuffed with your choice of a rich-as-hell filling which is where CE stand apart, because they got some flavours that will make your sweet tooth go dental-mental. Flavours include:

  • Traditional Ricotta - sometimes you don't mess with tradition
  • Reeses Pieces - like the peanut butter candy, only better
  • The Mudslide - everything is better when it's dipped in chocolate
  • Nutella - that's right, mothertruckin' Nutella cannoli. You can die happy now, after you've eaten one, that is.

Delivering all over Montreal, and even further, you can literally have any of these cannoli brought right to your doorstep. All you gotta do is give 'em a ring and place your order, but just be mindful you can't make a wussy order of 2 (you're not watching your figure, we know it) so man up and get more than a few. You'll thank us later.

Check out Cannoli Express on FB for further details, or skip the middle man and give them a call at 514 476-8905

Will you be getting a Nutella cannoli?

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