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This Is Montreal's Nutella Croissant Breakfast Poutine

Poutine + Croissant = Croissantine.
This Is Montreal's Nutella Croissant Breakfast Poutine

Photo cred - Regal Matinal

Not that you needed to be told, but Poutine Week is upon us, and has been for the last two days. I'm sure y'all have been stuffing your faces full of fries, gravy, cheese, and whatever else the 40+ Montreal restos have been adding to the trinity, but this bad boy probably slipped right under your radar: The Croissantine.

Inspired by the heavenly food event that is Poutine Week, the poutine-croissant combo is the creative brainchild of iconic fry-chain Frites Alors! and the amazing delivery-bakery known as Régal Matinal. Combining each establishment's signature menu item into one, with some Nutella in the mix, the result is pure decadence at it's finest.

A Régal Matinal croissant acts as the base for the dish, with Frite Alors! fries then piled high on top. A not-so-healthy-but-oh-so-delicious helping of Nutella is then added to round out the Croissantine and act as the gravy. What, no cheese curds you ask? Easy there, chunks, you already have enough carbs to last you for days, and besides, Nutella more than makes up for the absence of curds.

Seemingly a one-time creation rather than a legit Poutine Week competitor, you won't be able to order a Croissantine anytime you want. Frite Alors! already has their Poutine Tacos as an entrant into the poutine competition (which I had last night, and its amazing) and Régal Matinal is not in the competition. Still, nothing is stopping you from getting some fries, a croissant, and your jar of Nutella out of the pantry and fusing the three into the most epic of breakfasts.