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This Is Montreal's Saint-Laurent Metro Outdoor Dancing Booth

An artistic piece to keep you upbeat and on your feet.
This Is Montreal's Saint-Laurent Metro Outdoor Dancing Booth

Photo cred - Quartier des spectacles

Have you seen the big metal shipping containers outside of Metro St.Laurent, and wondered what in the world are those for? Well here`s what the gold one is for. It`s actually a project by Le Printemps Numérique honoring McLarena and Munro`s film Canon. Celebrating it`s 50th anniversary, Canon is a 9 minute film explaining and illustrating the definition of the word canon in the musical sense.

What happens when you go inside the gold shipping container?

Push the red button, and start dancing. You`ll see a video of a dance choreography that you can try to follow. If you can`t follow the choreography, don`t worry! Break out some of your best dance moves.

Oh did we forget to mention that you are now being projected on the three story building just beside you? Others will be able to watch your dance moves, so shake what you`re momma gave you!

Here`s a look at one of the first nights the dance booth was open.

Will you be dancing in the gold booth?


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