This Is Montreal's Secret "Street Art" Alley

A new kind of Cabane à sucre.
This Is Montreal's Secret "Street Art" Alley

Photo cred - Andre Bathalon

Behind an abandoned building in downtown Montreal, right by Quartier des Spectacles, is the city's newest mural gallery. The street art spectacle is inaccessible to the public, and largely kept a secret known only by the artists, 'til now, thanks to Metro, who got a an inside look.

Organized by Turtle Caps, a NYC-based street artist, the collective creation, which features over 42 Montreal artists, is called the "Cabane à sucre," a titular ode to the Surplus Candy secret street art show which inspired this mural collection. Artists featured include Kevin Ledo, En Masse, Axe and many more.

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Joined by artists of every sort the Cabane à sucre was initiated by Turtle Caps as a way to bring street artists together, the profession largely being a solo experience. Turtle Caps also told Metro the project is meant to oppose Montreal's artistic "elitism" as he isn't a big fan of how galleries choose what is cool and what's not.

Created in 12 days, Cabane à sucre can't be seen by ordinary eyes, but good thing Yves Provencher of Metro snapped some solid pics to give us plebeians a look inside. Check out the photos right here.

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