This Is Montreal's Tater Tot Poutine

L'Gros Luxe twists the classic and makes it fantastic.
This Is Montreal's Tater Tot Poutine

Photo cred - L'Gros Luxe

Poutine has only one fatal flaw: soggy fries. I ain't talkin' about fries that have been doused with heavanly gravy to become a little soft, I'm talking about those bottom of the barrel fries that have absorbed so much gravy, grease, and cheese that they've lost all physical integrity and have changed state from solid to liquid. L'Gros Luxe, in their reinvented poutine, may have solved that problem.

Forking out the standard french fry, L'Gros Luxe's poutine uses tater tots instead. Larger, fluffier, and jam packed with potato, tater tots aren't going soggy anytime soon. Able to absorb all the poutine juices, the tots become juicy bombs of pleasure.

Recommended by the L'Gros Luxe crew is to add in some extra cheese and pulled pork. More cheese and shredded meat can only make this poutine even better, so we're going to go ahead listen to the pros on this one. Or, for some extra flavour-flair, try out the vegetarian Butter Chicken poutine (below), which doesn't have meat in it, we swear.

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