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This Is Montreal's "Tiniest" Home

A west island woman that does a whole lot with less.
This Is Montreal's "Tiniest" Home

When you can't buy it, build it. That's what Montrealer Natalie Heron decided to do, when she couldn't afford a pricey Montreal home. So instead, Heron took a trailer bed, and transformed it into a fully equipped "tiny home."

Only 144 square feet, Heron's micro-living space cost her less than $40k, and includes two beds, a kitchen, bathroom, dining table, as well as functioning electrical outlets and running water. Everything a home should have, at a fraction of the cost.

Heron's mini-house is parked right in her parent's backyard in Dorval (so a tiny home is great for people who don't want to really move out) and aside from being cheap, is also more eco-friendly than an regular home. For that reason, tiny homes are becoming quite trendy in Cali, where the weather is warmer. Dunno what Heron is going to do come winter, but a space heater may be able to warm up the entire space pretty well.

CTV Montreal interviewed Heron, with the photos below taken from the original interview. You can watch the interview here for some more background info, but for a quick glimpse into Montreal's tiniest home, take a gander at the photos below.

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